With our lives being turned upside down and the world in turmoil, the notion of staying active and living life to the fullest presented as a challenge to say the very least. Our beloved trends that would usually see us working out outdoors or in facilities with large groups turned into video and zoom classes with glitchy side effects and individual workouts sessions with little to no motivation. But whilst some trends did die out, others were reintroduced and prevailed for they shall never go out of style. A lot of people perceive wellbeing centered around physical activity and stature, when in reality a healthy sense of individual well-being stems from a calm and happy mind filled with positivity.

More often than not our sense of personal well being is pushed aside for the likes of putting others before ourselves and pushing our mental health out of the window to prioritize other factors of our lives including our work, children, commitments and responsibilities. But without a positive mindset and a happy and healthy body, how will we achieve such set goals properly? The answer is simple, we won’t. Not without regaining the confidence and self respect that comes with loving yourself and actually putting yourself first. The following tips and tricks are a guide to get you back onto the path of self love.

Get to the Barre

With indoor classes and facilities practicing social distancing we are able to get back to some of our favourite core group classes once more. Barre-based exercise engages with a combination of postures inspired by the balletic structures that consist of small, isometric movements. But, unlike a ballet dance class, there is less of a focus of aesthetic and strong body accentuating lines and more about having fun. With each isometric movement, students will target the tiny muscles that often get ignored if you are sticking to a general stretch or cardiovascular workout. As such these exercises improve posture, increase flexibility, have a very low injury risk and almost no barrier to entry meaning anyone from any background can do them. You’ll leave feeling exhausted and ready for next week’s class already.

Music to my ears

Studies have indicated that natural sounds help calm us down, as they are perceived by our brains as a soothing tone. Water in particular, be it the flow of a stream or pitter-patter of rainfall works much like white noise. Have you ever shut your eyes at the beach and listened to the waves crash? Now imagine that running on a playlist as you fall asleep. It is a constant sound that we tend to tune out. The crashing of waves on the shore, though loud, are the result of a steady build up. They do not disturb us, they are presented as a consistent and soothing sound made for the soul purpose of inner serenity and peace.


Believe it or not, writing down your feelings in a judgement free zone that not one person would dare to dispute is one of the best forms of therapy, self help and self validation. Writing down what you are thankful for in your life also assists one to articulate their gratitude for the life they live. Studies have suggested that writing and/or listing down the good and productive things that have happened each day decrease levels of anxiety and boost serotonin in the brain.

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