What does a jeté, pirouette and dance class all have in common? They are all socially aware of the space around them and their position within the space. For dancers we call this notion ‘ Kinaesthetic awareness’, which allows for dancers to work harmoniously with one another whilst respecting one another's right to safety via using the elements of space, time and dynamics which allow for health, safety and discipline within the sport to remain paramount throughout dance classes, performances and auditions.

Dancers as young as 2-3 years of age are considered old enough to attend dance classes, and within this time they learn to use the various parts of their bodies to kick, jump, turn and of course, shake their hips with smiles on their lips. But, more than anything they learn the basic elements of kinesthetic awareness and a respect for their safety and their fellow dancers safety. Christine Smith, Principal at Fusion Dance Studio in Blaxland, has stated that; “Dancers, as people, are some of the most socially aware demographics.”, and she couldn’t be any more correct, dancers possess the uncanny ability of being absolutely aware of their surroundings and almost have a 6th sense in regards to knowing when people are around them without even needing to personally visualize them.

Fusion Dance Studio nourishes a child's willingness to not only grow as a dancer but have fun and stay safe whilst doing so and as such could be the reason why the studio has landed in the top 25 most popular kids’ activities six years in a row.

Owner Christine Smith has unfortunately needed to postpone her mid-year concert but is very excited to gear up for their Christmas Concert in December with even more friendly faces and excited dancers ready to join the family-like community that is Fusion Dance Studio.

Dance is not something to be feared, it’s something that celebrates and encourages all students to live a life of story-telling, passion and love for movement. Give Christine a call today to find out more about classes, their affordable fees and the exciting venture of concert season.

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