Home to the Sun Valley rural reserve, and the Blue Mountains historic railway village, Valley Heights lives up to the hype. Situated between Warrimoo and Springwood the small town has a history narrative that’s on the right track. The Locomotive Depot Heritage Museum on Tusculum road showcases great, and small historic rail artefacts from the early 20th century.

There are chances to go on a steam train ride, and climb into old steam engines, wagons, carriages, as well as to purchase unique memorabilia.

Before we had electricity powering our trains in the mountains, the depot sent steam engines to help get trains up the steep incline from Valley Heights to Katoomba.

Keith Ward from the museum said the role of the depot was essential for passenger and freight trains alike. “The engine would come out of the depot backwards, and reverse back down to Valley Heights train station, where the train would be waiting for them... where they would hook up from the front, and it would pull it up the hill,” he told the Blue Mountains Phoenix.

Then with the advent of electric trains in the 1950s, the depot eventually became a museum celebrating mountain history.

Fast forward to present day NSW they have had to hold their open days just once a month, due to state government restrictions. Contact the museum about the next available open day, and whether the steam train rides will be operating.

Now let’s talk more on Valley Heights’ history and beauty: Sun Valley is a reserve that has an extinct volcanic vent, and was home to local aboriginals for thousands of years. It was also an important stopover in the 19th century for explorers crossing the Great Dividing Range, according to Blue Mountains Australia.

Nowadays, it is a small, somewhat rural community, where you can do horse riding. It also has a fire trail system that protects the area, which you can use as a bushwalking track.

Who would have thought something so small could have so much?

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