A Woman of many talents

IMAGE: Laura Greaves.

Here in The Blue Mountains, we are surrounded by a sea of talented individuals with limitless potential. People with creative flair, a kind nature who endeavour to help and understand others, entrepreneurs with a foot in every door, University students with start up businesses and of course we can’t forget the full time role of parenthood. Any one of these roles wrapped up in an individual is truly admirable, now imagine all of these ventures not only being accomplished by one person, but achieved so very successfully that the rest of the community is left in complete and total awe. Well, you don’t need to imagine any longer, as such a person does exist and lives right here in our Blue Mountains community, her name? Laura Greaves.

Laura Greaves is a multi-award-winning journalist, author and self pronounced, proud ‘crazy dog lady’. She has spent over twenty years writing for newspapers and magazines in Australia and around the globe and is even the former editor of Dogs Life magazine. These days she spends her time writing novels and nonfiction work about dogs, she currently has 3 novels released and another 7 non-fiction texts to advocate for our furry friends in the canine world. The Blue Mountains Phoenix asked Greaves about a work that she is particularly proud of, she openly stated that it was a text entitled “Extraordinary dogs” that focuses on senior dogs doing incredible things in their ‘golden years’.

Greaves describes the inspiration from this work to be derived from a dog named Haole, a beautiful Labrador involved in an American charity for children living with disabilities. The charity saw Haole ride a surfboard along the waves of an American beach and saw children with a crippling fear of the ocean dive in headfirst and even encouraged nonverbal children to speak for the very first time. When speaking with Laura about the wonders of dogs and the way they touch our lives, she warmly stated: “Dogs are a gift we don’t deserve.” Greaves continues to dedicate her work to the journey, life and inner beauty of man’s best friend, and is even working on a new work entitled, “A dog’s best friend”, that is all about dogs being friends with other species. How a mother student and newly acclaimed business owner has time to accomplish such accolades is truly inspiring.

If you’re a huge fan of the work of Laura Greaves, want to harness your passion and creative energy in the form of fiction writing, you’re in luck. STUDIO FAULCO is an after school writing class taught by none other than Laura Greaves herself, held at Springwood United Church, 4 Lewin St, Springwood on a Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00pm-5:30pm. Unlock your potential and write amazing stories with a real author! If you have big hopes and dreams of becoming a writer, journalist or even just enjoy writing and would like to expand that love, it all starts here.

Become an individual of many talents just like Laura.

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