In the unprecedented times we live in, it’s comforting to know that there is a friendly and affordable service that makes daily administration tasks a breeze. Admin Virtually kick-started in 2016 when creative genius/ director, Kylie Phillips was a newly single mother to two little bundles of joy aged 1 & 3 and still running around in nappies.

Wanting to establish a newfound identity through work and not constantly being referred to only as ‘mum’, Kylie made the decision to return to the workforce. In the process of returning to the workforce, Kylie knew two things;

1) She wanted to be able to work from home.

2) She absolutely did not want to return to the world of the 9am-5pm grind.

The answer was simple: harness her creativity and ability to create a business that is not only suitable to her family, but provides much needed assistance to companies of any scale.

Kylie gives a lot of credit to her father who assisted her in creating a forum that gave businesses a leg up, saved valuable time and money whilst providing an abundance of resources. To this day Kylie’s father stands proud as her first customer who remains just as loyal as ever.

When asked about what her business and more importantly, what her customers meant to her, Kylie warmly stated: “My business provides me with the flexibility to be able to work but still be present for my children in our home – it gives me the freedom to be there for school drop off and pick up as well as available for any school functions and volunteering over the years.

My customers are all busy business owners who need their business administration taken care of so that they can focus on working on their business instead of in their business. I feel like I just take off that extra bit of pressure for them so that they can have more time for other avenues in their business and personal life.”

Sounds too good to be true right? Wrong! Not only is this an affordable service that is all-inclusive to any and every local business, it was also built as a labour of love, talent, qualifications and over 18 years’ worth of dedicated experience.

But what is next for Admin Virtually? Let’s hear it from the boss, shall we? “I’d love to see Admin Virtually grow to the next level in business and take on employees so that we can continue to take on extra clients. I’m currently limited with just myself doing all the work. Who knows – maybe I’ll be needing a VA of my own soon!”

To find out and more and to get in touch with Kylie, simply visit the following site and let your Admin Virtually journey begin;

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