The recent and all impending pandemic put on hold an array of our favourite events, hobbies and crushed the things that we were looking forward to. The one thing it did not see coming was the swarm of newborns arriving into this big, crazy world ready to tackle the sadness and depressed vibes the world was exuberating. But with a sea of gorgeous little bubs, come formula and food, clothes, nappies, prams, baby proofing and ensuring they have the very best nursery money can buy. In a world full of newborn parents showering their babies in luxury it is easy to become overwhelmed by the impossible standards portrayed online. But what dictates the perfect nursery? One with the following must have items are the necessities needed for a newborn nursery.

Staying Neutral

There is nothing more time-consuming than having to redesign a child's bedroom consistently over the years as they grow and their interests change. Most parents don’t have the spare time after a sea of work, drop offs, groceries and overall parenting to constantly change. So opting for a wall colour or paper that is neutral and for a large age range is key. The cute, simple and elegant wallpaper is a great example – the neutral tone and pattern will complement the changing rotation of bedspreads and toys to come.

Rocking Chair’s

Nursery rocking chairs let you rock back and forth, and this gentle movement can help soothe the baby to sleep. A camel tone will make cleaning easy and looks simply fabulous accompanied with a cushion or throw rug. A rocking chair should be an integral part of any nursery as it's to and fro motion gives both the mother and the child the relaxation and comfort they so much require while nursing.Rocking chairs are popular among new mums as the soft rocking movement is one of the most common ways to get a newborn to sleep.

Cot it out

The perfect cot seems like it’s impossible to find but not at Baby Buntings or your local baby world shopping outlets. Stocked in full, they provide the most pristine of comfortable little cribs for a newborn miracle. Customize your little angels' coats with the best cushion mattress to support their teeny tiny bodies and itemize your colour scheme to suit the aesthetic of the nursery. Since we are keeping things neutral with colour, opt for some light and creamy pastel yellows and light blues for your little bub.

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