Back to School 2022


This year was met with quite a lot of apprehension due to the panic storm that was 2021. But not the students of today, here at The Blue Mountains Phoenix, we think itʼs fair to say that the students of today are versatile and resilient, and they are ready to show us as they enter a new year in their schooling. It is the hope of staff, students and families alike that all schools not only in the Blue Mountains, but all over Australia, that schools remain open for the entire duration of the year.

The important events that become a right of passage for students will slowly make a return and in doing so will allow students to regain a sense of normality and allow for the younger students to have a proper start to Primary and High school. Events such as swimming, cross country and athletics carnivals will be introduced, as well as NAPLAN examinatinations and inter school competitions. Teachers across NSW have implemented forces that will help students gain access to set tasks through the use of google classroom, ʻSeasawʼ, and other modules for communication, submission and textbook access. As the Christmas holidays draw to a close, itʼs important to be ready for the year ahead not only physically but emotionally as well.

Itʼs time to get out of the swimmers and back into a uniform, and much to your dismay the kids have had a summer growth spurt and no longer fit into their uniforms, and therefore itʼs off to the uniform shop for you. The Line is long and your day is being completely wasted, couldnʼt there be a better place to buy uniforms, why yes, yes there is. “Back to basics schoolwear” located in beautiful Springwood will provide the essentials necessary for making a fashion statement whilst sticking to the school rules of course. Buy uniforms, shoes, socks, hats and school bags all through the store, but hurry stock will run out soon and we don't want anyone missing out. Now we have mentally psyched up our kids for school, theyʼre uniform is ready but supplies, they need supplies.

But what to get specifically?
1. Pencil case
2. Blue, Black & Red Pen
3. Led Pencils
4. Erasers
5. Calculator
6. Ruler
7. Diary
8. Books for each subject
9. Four pack of highlighters
10. A bottle of wine for yourself, good job parent of the year.

Here at the Blue Mountains Phoenix, we would like to wish everyone a very happy new school year, may you learn and be inspired.

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