Let’s face the cold hard truth – we have all reached that point in the day, where 5pm is still sorely out of reach, the constant cycle of floating numbers and emails. With our days becoming increasingly longer as we reach that final home stretch of the year, it’s easy to fall for the delicious liquid heaven like substance alluring you away from productivity and work. The bland office humour has you yearning for any source of relief, the idea of something making the dry tension a little more bearable. Suddenly your heart begins to lift when your co-workers suggest the local pub or bar for lunch. With a swift close of the computer and swipe of the handbag, you’re off. Whilst you scale through the drink’s menu past the sauvignon blanc, spirits and selection of tap and craft beers, your eyes centre on the espresso martinis, lychee-based cocktails and the impressive range of fruit based mojitos. You battle your rational mind to just order one to get you through the rest of the day, but will it work? Will you be able to resist the temptation of ordering the cocktail jug? Let’s test that will power shall we?

The Danger

Having a drink or two with colleagues at lunch time greatly boosts workplace morale and is often viewed as a bonding exercise between new and pre-existing staff members. But there is a fine line between distinguishing what is acceptable and what is harmful. Alcohol at the end of the day is a depressant, it can cause your inhibitions to run low and your reckless and thoughtless acts to take control over your mind and body. It is imperative to know your limits when drinking, especially midday drinks with a 4-5 hour long work load waiting for you. Nobody wants to be the sloppy office drunk, so before considering the copious amounts of fruit and/or creamy cocktails, think about what is at stake for your future.

Look to the charts

Studies have indicated that the consumption of alcohol depresses the conscious mind into a state of euphoria and whilst this might be fun on a night out, it greatly decreases the productivity and safety of office staff within the workday. Alcohol releases a person from their sober state and secretes the produced chemical of serotonin throughout the body, explaining the excessive giggling and smiles during the depressed state of euphoria. As mentioned previously, it is imperative to control oneself when going out on the town. Perhaps you might even ask the friendly bartender to practice their responsible service of alcohol and cut you off after a few drinks to decrease the risk of embarrassment and humiliation.

3 strikes and you’re out

Alcohol is the leading depressant of all substances within Australia, and not to mention the most vastly consumed product. When under the influence of alcohol, it is easy to believe that you are in complete control and can have “just one more drink.” However, that is the depressed state of your being telling your rational mind to stop at the risk of your safety, productivity and in some cases, your employment. The consumption of alcohol to the point of intoxication means that the individual will not have the ability to focus on a task at hand and often will not return to their workday. Try explaining that one to the boss! Whilst one or two lunchtime cocktails can be fun, be sure to know your body and know your limits.

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