What do you really want from your local pharmacy?

Quality, friendly and bona fide service would be high on the list for most shoppers, but one Blaxland health provider is stepping up beyond that this holiday season.

The Blaxland Day ‘n’ Night Pharmacy is gearing up for heady heights this month as it winds down from celebrating 20 years of service in this store to the community.

They are kicking off the Christmas month with a new online service, a rare thing for smaller, boutique pharmacies, putting them on par with chain store big guns like Priceline Pharmacies and Chemist Warehouse.

The local pharmacy will be rolling out an e-commerce platform with their entire range of goods up for grabs for online purchase and delivery Australia wide. They have a big array of pharmacy goods in stock and sell a ‘massive’ range of gifts and homewares, a huge assortment of baby stuff and some early learning toys and activities. If locals from within a 10km radius spend $30 or more on anything - it’s a free delivery.

In conjunction with the launch, they are helping their customers utilise MedAdvisor, a ‘Pharmacist in your pocket’, a free service that provides users with an intuitive medication management tool. They’re also making it easier than ever to have your scripts filled by integrating e-scripts into their website, where people can upload a digital version of their script, and have it shipped out to them.

And with expansion comes employment opportunities, so they are currently advertising for a graduate pharmacist, pharmacy casuals and a baby nurse, plus they plan to do a recruitment round next year too - so more jobs for locals.

Jenna Milne, a spokeswoman for the pharmacy, said it is a very community-focused organisation, committed to promoting good health and living well. “They really take the time to get to know everyone, there are a lot of people who come in quite frequently and they are made to feel like they are a part of the family,” she said. “Kim, one of the partners, is passionate about raising awareness of living well, and as a pharmacy not just looking after the things that go wrong, but ensuring people are healthy and active.”

The Blaxland Day ‘n’ Night Pharmacy hasn’t shied away from propping up local clubs like Glenbrook Bowling and the Blue Tongue Junior Rugby Club either and have been giving them a dose of financial support - anything ‘to get young kids up and moving and out from behind screens’.

So, let’s hear it for this local, forward-thinking pharmacist, as they not only figure out doctor’s handwriting, but also foster and maintain great health in the community.

And for those of you who find yourself rushing out to get to the pharmacy on time, no worries as the friendly team work past dinnertime to service their customers.

The Blaxland Day ‘n’ Night Pharmacy is open seven days, Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturdays 8am to 7pm and Sundays 9am to 7pm.

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