Blue Mountains Gin Company

Blue Mountains Gin Company

Have you been craving that first sip of Gin and tonic at your local pub when lockdown is over? Are you perhaps trying to emulate that classic taste at home on a Friday night? What if I told you that you could source the most exquisite local gins for purchase from talented and driven Gin enthusiasts, focused on distilling the perfect gin for the entire Blue Mountains community?

The Blue Mountains Gin Company is a start-up that launched its first gin lines in June and July 2021. Owner’s Harry and Jann Dillon are solely focused on gin as it is currently the rising star of Australia’s spirits drink industry. That sector has grown massively from a very small base over the past decade, largely due to the appeal of small-batch spirits produced by craft distillers, which now number in the hundreds around the country. This pathway was pioneered in the past by the domestic wine industry and then by craft breweries, both of which expanded consumer tastes and are now permanently established sectors. From being generally seen as a rather tired old drink line a decade or so ago, gin has undergone an amazing rebirth, especially as an exciting mixer drink that offers endless options. The key to gin is the botanicals that are infused into the spirit, i.e., traditionally gin must have a juniper base but, beyond this, the huge range of potential botanicals makes it possible for every gin line to be genuinely unique in flavour. (NB Gin is a great starting point for a spirits drink originator and it is therefore our way into the market, but we may expand later into other spirits drink products).

The Blue Mountains Phoenix had the pleasure of corresponding with co-founder Harry Dillon, in regards to his inspirations and passion behind this start-up business and the deals he and wife Jann are offering to the Blue Mountains community. When asked about special offers and exciting deals set for the public post lockdown, Harry candidly stated: “Because our launch coincided with the onset of the latest COVID lockdown, we are constrained like everyone else re any direct public interactions and the disappearance of the tourist market in the Blue Mountains has hit local liquor sales. In response to this constraint, we’re currently offering lockdown specials on our two gin lines, which are priced at $79 a bottle, down from $95. Once the lockdown li􀀁s and the local market recovers, we will expand our range of retail outlets and launch intensive promotions, including tastings.”

He furthermore went on to discuss his clientele stating: “One of the many great aspects of gin is that its market is ever-expanding as more and more people discover the fantastic range of gin flavours being offered by highly innovative Australian artisan gin distillers. Gin-lovers are spread across all demographics but the 20-40 age group is especially interested in new gin offerings, partly due to the brilliant cocktails and other mix-drinks for which they are an essential ingredient. For the Blue Mountains Gin Company, another key target group is the tourist visitor sector, which is clearly absent at the moment but will be a focus four our promotions post-lockdown. An important aspect of the current rise of Australian spirits drinks is the ‘drink less but drink better’ approach which is being reflected across the market but is particularly attractive to young people, who are also into great-tasting cra􀀁 beer and location-specific wine labels. These are lifestyle-related products that o􀀁en are priced a little above generic, mass-produced alcohol brands, but encourage a more sophisticated, discerning approach to alcohol consumption. In the end, it’s all about enjoyment and Australians are increasingly wanting to include innovative drinks as part of their personal consumption and socialising.”

When asked about the unique aspects of his business, Harry says: “Blue Mountains Gin Company fills a niche as a gin originator specifically aligned with the Blue Mountains.

When asked about the unique aspects of his business, Harry says: “Blue Mountains Gin Company fills a niche as a gin originator specifically aligned with the Blue Mountains.

In addition, our gins entail specific botanical formulas that we originated, which make their flavours distinctive. The two sibling lines – Mountain Devil Classic and Mountain Devil Black Label – offer variations on that formula that appeal to various tastes. The Classic line is our take on traditional dry gin and the Black Label line is a spicier, peppery version. We believe our gins are as good as any on the market and, over time, we’re sure that people who try them will agree with this assessment. Our gins are on retail sale at the Carrington Hotel Cellars, in Parke Street Katoomba, at the lockdown special price of$79 for a 700ml bottle. We also offer prompt delivery to any address through online sales via our Blue Mountains Gin Company website. Our online gin offerings are priced at $79 per bottle, with further savings for purchases of more than one bottle.”

We are excited to see how far this company extends from the Blue Mountains and surrounding communities, to taking over the gin world by storm. We have no doubt in our minds they will enjoy every success and happiness that comes from projects we feel so greatly passionate about.

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