Does your room say something about you?

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Comedian Rita Rudner presented the interior design of her husband’s place before they got married like this, ‘I used to go over to my husband’s cave, and there was nothing on the wall... except for some food - and the roaches in his kitchen had stopped eating... they were full.”

It’s good to know how we can give our homes a facelift, so we asked the experts. Rebecca Larkin from the Blackheath Interiors and Homewares store said Covid has forced many to make the most of their living space.

“It’s almost like, life is too short to not live where you don’t like, and to try and live better,” she told the Blue Mountains Phoenix.

Her one-stop store, she runs with business partner Kit, might do the trick in helping get a tired-looking room spruced up in this season. They stock an incredible top range of antique dressers, dining room tables, lamps, mirrors and smaller items like candles. And the fancy shop is about to become lockdown friendly as it goes live in mid-September, with an online trading system being set up as we speak. So they will be busy taking orders and posting out items for the home, like bowls and cushions – and the big bulky items are not forgotten, as they will be organising delivery.

But do the styles in her shop buck the trends of winter interior design?Vogue magazine said the current trends were all about bringing nature indoors, and one Aussie fashion blog touted pure white and eco style as the themes of 2022.

But Rebecca gives home-style design currents a wide berth as she says it can make places look quite one-dimensional. Let me explain: In terms of following one particular style trend, she said it’s better to choose a theme, but have it mixed up with other ones and personal touches - basically don’t go down the track of buying too many things of one style. “I would say what’s trendy is, stay away from trends,” she said. “Stay a little bit classical, and adding something personal will always give it that bit of edge, and keep it fresh as opposed to doing all modern or all antique.”

“It’s like wearing an outfit and wearing all tiger print, if you're doing a house or a decor - it’s nice to layer interesting pieces from different areas and group them all together,” she said. “As long as they have a little common thread through them, say colour or texture.”

So, according to Blackheath’s home-style experts it’s OK to mix themes, as long as they are connected in some way, visually, and these give our homes a real chance of becoming a great place to be a part of.

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