A bad day does not equal a bad life, not all thoughts are true (phew!), and feelings are not facts.

These are some pearls of wisdom found on the Mountains Outreach Community Service Facebook page.

They run many free or low cost groups supporting the mountains community, including a Saturday morning group for dads.

And they’re not a bad place down the track for first time pregnant mothers to go to, as they host fortnightly support meetings in Lawson and Hazelbrook, catering specifically to their needs.

Right now the groups are full, but some spots may be opening up in April, so if interested, you can book ahead by calling MOCS local community development worker Liz on 0422 733 224.

Liz says it’s a safe place to come to with your baby, to have a cup of tea and share experiences. It’s all about knowing you are not the only one having sleepless nights.

All women are different but here is a list of some unexpected curve balls and delights some pregnant mums have experienced:

  • Amazement at how much your body can stretch
  • Bedtime can be a chore, trying to find the right sleeping position
  • Difficulty putting on shoes, in the later stages
  • People standing up for you on public transport or helping with groceries
  • Others touching your tummy a lot
  • Struggles concentrating
  • Loving sweets all of a sudden
  • Benefits of antenatal classes In fact, NSW health recommends prenatal classes as it prepares your muscles and body for birth.

They also say stretches and strengthening exercises are good to ease backaches and other pains.

For more information, check out their comprehensive information guides: https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/kidsfamilies/MCFhealth/Pages/having-a-baby.aspx

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