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The Blue Mountains Phoenix has been absolutely overwhelmed with the amount of responses we’ve had flying in about the NESA school syllabus for our primary and high school students. We asked the people of Blackheath about their thoughts on the new stimulus being introduced to the PDHPE and Health’s sex education program. The staff, students, parents and caregivers alike from the following schools: Blackheath public school and Mountains Christian College are over the moon to learn of the well awaited news that learning about consent will be introduced to students in their sex and development education. With the ‘March 4 justice’ underway as an active protest, now is the best time to introduce topics about consent within schools.

A group of mothers shared their joy with us, stating; “We are absolutely over the moon that our kids understand that ‘no’ means no and verbal consent is always required during any sort of relations that they will one day have. I like that my daughter will understand that her body is not for anyone to violate against her will and she has any and every right to say no whenever she feels uncomfortable or scared.”

A group of fathers from the same group chimed in saying: “It’s always important especially for young boys in their adolescence to know what is appropriate and not appropriate when it comes to exploring sexual relations. To always ask if the other party is still ready to move forward and is comfortable with what is going on. It is also important for our sons to learn that it’s more than okay for them to say no and withdraw consent should they feel violated or uneasy as well. A group of young women happily shared their thoughts on the good news by stating; We’re really happy that everyone will know and understand just how important consent is within any circumstance. The only person who has a ‘right’ to your body is you. I like that we are learning that regardless of the situation, or the clothing we may wear, no means no. We like that learning about consent has also reminded us that it’s okay to not want to push the boundaries and anyone worth our time will appreciate and understand that. Consent is such an important part of life and we’re just glad it’s actively being taught to everyone in schools.

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