This week we have asked the community members to think outside the box, we want to shed light on the various industries that high school students can build a career in. Many parents, caregivers and students alike explained that they want students to learn about pathways into the courses, trades and industries they’d like to pursue. We had an overwhelming amount of responses and are excited to share them with you.

A few caregivers reached out stating that they’d like their students to learn about hospitality and the service industries, they candidly spoke out, stating: “We want our kids to learns the in’s and out’s of the service industry, understanding the work that goes into providing the community with meals, communication and retail services. Not only will it open their eyes to jobs and careers applicable to them, it will also help them to appreciate people working in service roles and encourage them to treat them with the same respect they wish to be treated with.”

A few high school students from the Blue Mountains Grammar school, who have asked to remain anonymous, spoke out saying they’d like some advise on how to apply for courses; “ For us personally, we would like to become primary and high school teachers, We would love our teachers to provide a bit more insight into obtaining the correct courses to lead us into a career in teaching and the bridging courses we can take if our ATAR isn’t the best. At the moment we feel as though we are at a loss for what we need to do and the first steps we need to take in pursuing our careers.”

Teachers are calling out for more career days to allow students to explore their passions and learn how to turn that into a job that they will love. One teacher spoke out stating: “ I would love to see more career fairs and stalls, especially for our year 11 &12 students who are still unsure of the path in which they want to take in terms of a career. Some kids simply need that bit of inspiration to achieve a career that relates to their strengths and interests, for if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.”

Do you have any ideas about what students of today should be learning? Have you say in the syllabus by contacting:

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