It’s been a while Blue Mountains, but you’ve called in for a reprise of our famous ‘Have your say in the Syllabus’, and we are here to answer. Parents, teachers and students alike are speaking up about what they want to see implemented and changed in the current NESA school syllabus. This week, we are holding a strong focus on pathways applicable to students who do not wish to attend university, but wish to extend their studies, gain tertiary qualifications and apprenticeships.

Paul Maxwell, a 50-year-old father of a year 10 student stated: “ You know the teachers and school do an incredible job at getting kids prepared for the HSC and of course University. But, what about the kids who would like to leave and go to TAFE, or get an apprenticeship? Sure there are a few courses for a white card and T-vet courses to be taken, but I haven’t felt like there is room in the syllabus to accommodate the kids who need help transitioning from a full-time student at 15-16 years old, to an active member of society. I would love to see workshops, classes, individual assessments and appointments for parents and students with teachers and year advisors to focus on transitioning our kids into the working world whilst they’re still so young.

Monica Buckley, a 17-year-old school leaver, expresses her feelings towards the process in which she left school at the end of last year; “ At the end of year 10 I felt as though school really wasn’t the place for me. I knew it was time for me to leave and that my teachers were trying their best to help me but were also busy preparing our seniors for exams. I do just wish that perhaps there was more time allocated towards my fellow classmates and myself when searching for our tertiary options, whether that be TAFE or college that prepare us for work experience and full-time roles. I don’t blame the teachers at all, I know they work tirelessly, but I do think there’s room for this in the syllabus in career classes.”

Tell us what topics, preparation and concepts should be introduced to our current NESA syllabus. You can email us via

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