For the past few weeks, we have been asking you, the good people of the Blue Mountains, what exactly students, parents and caregivers want the students of today to be learning about. Some have said they want their kids to learn about the essential tools of life being; taxation, changing tyres, monetary entitlements and the correct pathways into careers they’d like to pursue. This week we asked students and their families what they think they shouldn’t be learning.

A group of frustrated year 11 students said: “We are so sick of learning about trigonometry, We don’t care about the hypotenuse, or the cosine or tangent, we just want to learn about Math we can use. When are we ever going to use this? Fair enough, kids should learn about it if they want to pursue careers that involve using trigonometry then there should be classes specifically for them and not in the general maths syllabus.”

Another small congregation of students expressed their fiery hatred towards English analysis. “We don’t know a single time in our future where we will state; “Oh yes the author’s use of free indirect discourse allows me to think… NO, of course English is important, being able to read, write and spell is essential and for people who’d like to be authors or studying English literature at university should know this, but considering we take standard English, We really don’t know why this is ‘essential information’, if we are never going to use it again.” A disgruntled parent stated: “We can all agree that school teaches us valuable lessons that can later be harnessed in life, but personally I’ve never had to use algebra or know the functions of a cell in my day to day life and I’ve gone pretty far in life without it, let these kids learn what is important and not what the board thinks is important.”

Do you think these teachings are essential or a waste of time between teachers, students and frustrated parents? We want to hear from you, contact: and tell us your valued opinion.

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