School being online is a nightmare for most parents at the moment and this week we have had the pleasure of speaking with not only parents seeking solace in the arms of a bottle of wine, but also with teachers who have some sparing advice. Local primary school teacher Courtney Russel has spoken out to give some advice to parents worried about playing the role of teacher, she states: “We don’t expect parents to create lesson plans from the current NESA syllabus, but we encourage students to engage with at least an hour each of literacy and numeracy, whether that might be reading, creating site words, writing stories and playing the math prodigy game online to keep their minds active. We also encourage kids to get outside and engage with physical activity as well as their written studies. To keep a strong and happy mind in students is what teaching is all about after all.”

A local father of a year 12 student is feeling the stress and is calling for online tutors to provide an extra amount of support for students worrying about their pending HSC trial examinations. “ I would love to see students just like my daughter having teachers and tutors provide extra support to all year 12 students. I would also love to see school counselors on zoom calls to do mental health checks for students who are feeling the stress of HSC exams. It would be great to see our kids get the support they deserve in these trying times, I know we sure didn’t need to worry about such terrors at 17 &18 years of age.”

The Blue Mountains Phoenix would like to offer our support for all students suffering from anxiety over distance-learning, know that online tutors are available and that schools around the community have access to many resources to maintain your mental health and to help all students remain happy, healthy and well prepared when we finally get out of lockdown!

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