Weeks ago we asked you, the parents and community members of the Blue Mountains what you think should be incorporated into the NESA school curriculum. Our demographic this week was interesting, as it was a number of recent school leavers for 2015 all the way through to 2020. The age ranges from 18-23 years old and they all had the same ideology about the curriculum and what they wished they had learnt more of in their 13 years of schooling. A portion of this demographic happen to have young families themselves and as such would like to see their children get an even better education than they received.

A 2015 graduate reached out to The Blue Mountains Phoenix stating that he hopes school leavers are learning about the Australian Tax Office, Superannuation and handling bills because it is something that he couldn’t get a firm grasp on when he left school. “ I’ll tell you what, when I left school and I had to go about getting an ABN and declaring my taxes, i had no clue, all I could think was ‘I can’t do taxes and I don’t know my entitlements, but I do know that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, how useless is that to me now?’ Being knowledgeable in the vital necessities of life is something that is so very important for our students.”

A 2020 graduate reached out to speak of her experience; “ I can’t fault NESA or my teachers for their outstanding efforts with our year 12 cohort last year. They truly went above and beyond to support us. But in my 13 years of school I never learnt how to change a tyre, the determinants of mental health and what to do at the end of the financial year, and the processes of buying a car. I believe those are vital to adolescent learning experiences and one that was left out of the NESA Curriculum to make way for things like trigonometry and frog dissections. Two things of which I’ve never had to use again. I believe those subjects should be for the students wishing to pursue those specialities in those respective fields.”

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