We get it, it’s winter, it’s cold and dreary and the very last thing on everyone’s mind right now is working out and keeping in shape. Especially in our current time of hardship where work is hectic and the world is being spun upside down yet again, it seems impossible, and at times selfish even to consider oneself before others. But, did you know that by allowing time for you to take charge of your own health and fitness, you’re leading by example for those around you and inspiring others to look and feel good? But how do we even get started? Will a personal training session be affordable and who would be the best fit for me? Look no further than mobile personal trainer Joel Foster.

Joel comes from a widely extensive sporting background as a state cross country runner who later found a passion for health, fitness and nutrition. After studying a Certificate III in gym instructing and a Certificate IV in personal training, Joel’s knowledge, on site experience and passion grew tenfold. Joel currently works as both a personal trainer and gym instructor, running class workshops and private sessions for an array of clients either wanting to lose weight, build muscle and even gain more self confidence. As if this could get any better, Joel also instructs boxing classes and teaches a variety of demographics in the art of self-defense. With an extremely affordable price of $30 per head, Joel not only provides a daily workout routine and teaches exercises suitable to the individual, he also helps his clients arrange a meal plan that is accessible to them. To completely cut out the comfort food that keeps us warm this winter is highly unlikely, but with the help of Joel, you’ll be feeling 10 times better than you do now.

Joel has worked in Primary schools as an athletics instructor and as such can work with a diverse amount of different groups, from small children, to teenagers, all the way through the baby boomers wanting to feel the burn once more. With extensive knowledge in cardiovascular exercises and weight bearing regimes, Joel puts the ‘personal’ approach back into personal trainers with his cheerful and friendly demeanour and his dedication to the personal growth and journey for each and everyone of his clients.

The Blue Mountains Phoenix had the pleasure of chatting with one of Joel’s current clients who stated: “I’ve never had a trainer be so invested in me and my journey. Joel started by training me and helping me lose some mummy weight and gain back not only my former dress size, but also my self confidence. He now works with my whole family, who very much enjoy working with him each week.” Joel is a mobile trainer, which means he can come to a gym near you or a place of your choosing to bring the convenience of your training straight to you for a permanent weekly booking for the rest of the year. For a personal trainer that puts you first, call Joel Foster on 0407 997 947.

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