Just Breath

IMAGE CREDIT: Paint Jobs social media – Trevor second from left.

Note to self: just breathe.

Words that carry sizable weight for 18-year-old Leura muso Trevor Zadro-Jones, as he braved the pain after major chest surgery, four years ago.

“It felt like a truck was ripping out of my chest, every breath was agony,” Trevor said.

It all started when Trevor was swimming at the Katoomba Aquatic Centre with his family, and started struggling to breathe, and felt dizzy.

It turned out that after a big growth spurt, all his insides within his chest had grown, except his sternum – the flat bone in the middle of your chest that protects organs – this in turn began to cause great discomfort as his lungs and heart were being squeezed by the immovable breastbone.

After consultations with doctors, the 14-year-old Trevor knew that surgery was imminent.

“I realized I didn’t have a choice… my lungs had no room, and had both collapsed, even my heart was in the wrong spot in my chest,” he said.

And with great support from his family, he underwent the costly chest reconstruction, where a bar was inserted to hold the breastbone up.

As he recovered from the painful surgery, he listened to music, which helped redirect the focus off the ordeal. He also began to practice singing, strengthening his lungs.

“It was a six-month recovery, I was in a wheelchair, and had to learn how to walk again,” he said. “But last August I had the bar taken out, and recovered after two weeks.”

“I feel better than ever, I can really breathe,” he said. “I’ve sat there taking in deep breaths, and enjoying it.”

Nowadays, Trevor can be seen using his lungs to fuller capacity as a singer with his mates, in a local, fresh rock-indie band, Paint Job.

Trevor, Alex, Sam and Peter have a driving, united, professional and almost addictive sound, with polished instrument work, prompting a throwback to some rock legend greats.

After performances at the Bootlegger bar in Katoomba, and in Newtown this month, the band is up for more. To catch the band live, keep a lookout on social media: https://www.facebook.com/PaintJobBand

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