Keeping the back to school critters far away


Back to school doesn’t just mean the daily hustle of the kids back in a learning environment, leaving times for parents to take a long awaited deep breath, it also means creative ways of keeping those creepy crawling blood sucking critters away from our children’s hair. But the real casualties are the stressed-out parents and carers trying to keep their kids free of lice.​ And boy were they mistaken. Head Lice can be transmitted not only my physical contact, but by simply lining up, passing by another kid, or mistakenly picking up the wrong school hat. The dreaded newsletter that reads “Head lice is back “ leaves parents, students and staff alike reaching for the comb and KP24 to cut the blood sucking parasites off at the source.

Learn the quick and simple ways of keeping the parasites away. Please note that whilst these methods are greatly effective, parents should still check the hair of their children at the conclusion of the school day.

Tea Tree Oil

It is a known fact that lice hate tea tree oil as it ends their life cycle. Simply spreading drops of tea tree oil in the sports cap or hat each day can keep the nasty parasites away. Local pharmacies and grocery stores stock the oil for a vast majority ailments including head lice. There are even sprays containing KP24 and tea tree oil that repel the lice away from our tiny human’s heads. It’s time to say goodbye to lice and hello to a healthy critter free scalp.


Whilst this is more a treatment than a preventative measure, washing your child’s hair in KP24 every few weeks can work wonders in the world of head lice prevention. It gets the scalp used to the odour of the shampoo treatment and keeps your world lice free. KP24 provides an excellent method to check the presence of lice and should be used regularly to help break the lice cycle.

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