The kitchen, the heart of the home, where the family comes together to cook, share meals and express their feelings with one another. The room where mums fuss over dinner, homework and curling hair all at the same time. ​ Not to mention, the kitchen can also dramatically increase or decrease the value of your home and therefore choosing the right design changes is key when undergoing kitchen renovations. You want a kitchen to suit the style and aesthetic of your home as well as knocking the socks off of all of your house guests. To truly have the heart of the house embody the expression of your family, why not try the following stylised options for your kitchen.

Colour pop outs

Whether it is the cabinet doors, the oven, the appliances, dishwasher and overhanging lights or even the tea towels, there are lots of ways to add a pop of colour to your kitchen! Colours that are experiencing a big boom in popularity within the industry include navy blue, sage green or slate grey, on the other hand the current society have taken a keen interest in white pastel colours without introducing anything too glaring, but enough to show a bit of personality.

Take a splash

Splashbacks are important to protect your walls and cabinets from moisture and heat, oils and cooking residue. They're important particularly behind your stovetop/hobbs and behind each individual sink. Fibre Glass splashbacks are incredibly modern, adding a contemporary touch to your kitchen. There is something to be said about a glass or tile panel. Whether it’s neutral or bold in colour, the splash back is not only an aesthetically pleasing choice but also practical with the surface being easy to wipe away any grease or grime. It is now the age of the flashbacks. Without a splashback you run the risk of having to replace this piece of wall over the years as the heat from your stove top and splashes from your taps will start to erode the gyprock over time.

Kitchen bins

An Ovela stainless steel bins are the perfect give the sophisticated edge your kitchen needs to subtract waste whilst cooking and spring cleaning ready for the new entertaining season ahead. If you’ve been perfectly satisfied with an under-the-sink bin in your pre-renovated kitchen, should you stick with what you know or is there a better option? A standalone bin will be easier to access and more hygienic, and it will surely not get in the way. Setting it in a place to make your kitchen iconic whilst stripping it of waste is the perfect magic maker for your kitchen renovations.

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