We live in Australia, a continent surrounded by water,and here in the Blue Mountains, we have the luxury of amazing natural monuments right on our doorstep. Within these natural monuments are locations in which locals and tourists alike go to swim and enjoy the water at their own leisure. However, in locations such as the Jellybean pool and lakes found within our national park, it is imperative that we respect the conditions mother nature enforce upon the natural wonder of the Blue Mountains. The ability to remain calm, tread water, and keep one’s head above the water in an aquatic emergency should be common knowledge amongst every Australian big or small. Swimming lessons from a young age teach our children how to have fun and be comfortable within the water and also recognise and respect the change and sudden fluctuations it can have at any moment. Let’s give our younger generations the best chance by visiting the following swimming schools and dive right into their aquatic education.

The Glenbrook Swim centre works with children from the ages 1 - adolescents and even adults and prepares them for all types of aquatic situations. Including testing the depth of the water, jumping and diving safely to avoid injury and what to do if ever you were to fall in the water. The programs see students fully clothed jumped into the water, naturally weighing them down, under the supervision and guidance of an instructor who teaches them the best ways to shrug off the extra weight and calmly get to safety. Something all Australians should know. Call the Glenbrook Swim centre today 4739 5580 

Springwood Aquatic and Fitness Centre focuses on building a child’s confidence around water, ensuring that the children do not by any means live in fear of the water and know their limitations. It is their prerogative to allow all students the chance to learn to swim and conduct themselves correctly within the water at their own pace. Call Springwood Aquatic and Fitness today at- 4723 5111  To give your child the best chance at an all around knowledge of water sports, activities and safety, give the provided centres a call today. 

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