Weeks ago we asked you, our lovely community members of the Blue Mountains, the changes you’d like to see in the NESA Primary and High School Curriculum. We have been absolutely overwhelmed with responses and each week will choose a letter that highlights what many Parents and community members alike are feeling towards the Syllabus.

This week we had an influx of parents contacting us in regards to wanting their children to learn how to deal with emergencies, such as car accidents, break downs and being caught in a disaster.

A father of 2 high school students reached out to express his concern for what the schools are not teaching our students.

Dear Editor
I’m writing in regards to what I believe should always be included as a vital necessity in the curriculum. It would give me reassurance to know that besides my “Dad like” teachings. I want there to be a class where my children can learn how to change a tire, or who to call when they require a tow for their car. I want my children to know the correct way to handle being at fault in an accident, and how to positively handle not being at fault as well. I want my children to know who to call in emergencies, long after I’m gone and I want them to be able to do this confidently.

If the schools ran programs to teach our kids this vital and crucial information, I would rest easier as a father.

Yours sincerely
A concerned and loving father.

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