Live Better And Feel Better With A Plant-Based Diet


Live better and feel better with a plant-based diet. It’s the new way of the world, with large numbers of people jumping on board the Vegan diet trend. For those that are a little confused about what a vegan diet is, it is a food plan where the “allowable items” are plant based, in a nutshell, it removes any animal products from your daily menu. Eating this way not only leads you towards a healthier and more active life but will also save the natural prosperity of the earth, one piece of broccoli at a time. There are many elements that may sway you towards veganism…how about wanting to save the lives of animals and stop product testing on animals or perhaps just giving back to the earth that feeds us. Both are great reasons behind giving it a go. Maybe you find the idea of giving up your beloved chicken nuggets and bacon and egg rolls far too difficult and the idea of simply eat plants for a lifetime a little tough to consider. But what if I told you that adapting plant-based products into high fibre and hearty meals was very achievable and not a bit difficult with the help of modern-day technology and a little creativity. Remember when I said that going plant based can lead to a healthier and active lifestyle? Well, it’s true! As well as the healthier and more active lifestyle goals many people are also striving for weight loss, healthier cooking, being happier and personally doing more to make the planet a kinder environment. The good news is that by giving veganism a go you are achieving these goals. Including more plant-based food into your diet will encourage you to find innovative ways to improve your wellbeing and minimise your carbon footprint. Ease on into it Meatless Monday can make a huge difference to your wellbeing and our planet’s health. We know that it’s really difficult to go “cold turkey” when you are trying to change something in your life. In reality true changes take time, effort and maybe even some steps backward before one can truly succeed. If you don’t like the idea of an entire day without meat, continue each week with only a couple of meatless dinners. Remember that studies have shown that eating too much red meat on a daily basis can have a detrimental effect on the human body and it is a good idea to give your digestive tract a break for one or two nights a week, trust me it will do you the world of good. Prepare menus that feature meatless dishes like soup, lasagne, or pasta salad or consider adding the meatless protein-rich products in your favourite recipe like legumes, beans, tofu and so on. This process is a difficult one, but with hard work and determination you may truly succeed in the life you chose for yourself.

Say hello to your money again. I don’t know about you all but I’m shocked at the amount of money I spend every week at the deli, butcher and grocery store. By simply purchasing plant-based products, your grocery bill will be slashed in half. Fresh vegetables are also generally very budget-friendly, particularly when you buy them in season. It’s no wonder that buying animal products puts a burden on the pocket!

Vegetarian proteins are cheaper than meat and having a couple of meatless meals would certainly lower your food bill and increase the strength of your bank account.

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