We’re living in uncertain and trying times, but one thing that we do know is certain is that Vanessa Perkins, owner and creative founder of the handcrafted, unique gift boxes, clothing and accessories business entitled MADeNess will remain open to brighten up your day.

With her creative flair and extraordinary ability to create the most exquisite and original gifts both hand-made, sewn and designed, owner Vanessa has been inspired by her mum. She warmly opened up about her inspirations stating: “My mother introduced me to sewing at a young age, I remember making headbands and scrunchies. It was really in early 2020 when I really started exploring sewing in depth again, as with two young children I found the enjoyment of creating clothing and items for them, just as my mother did when I was young. There is only so much your own child can wear though, so I began sewing items for friends and family members, and it grew from there.

I have always enjoyed sewing, making, baking and creating things, so MADeNess was born. MADeNess was created with the original concept of providing a complete gift for an expectant parent, with a focus on practicality and sustainability.”

With an assortment of carefully crafted gifts and clothing accessories for all ages, Mountain local Vanessa is making every lock down birthday and event totally worth it, with her heartwarming gifts still making the birthday king or queen feel special. Not only is the process of making the gifts carefully handcrafted with love and care, it is also environmentally safe, to keep the world environment and world around us as clean and safe as possible for all of its inhabitants.

Vanessa explains her ethos and passion for her craft: “To be able to provide an option for friends or family members to purchase a ready-made gift set, taking the hassle of thinking of what would be a beautiful gift, while also ensuring it is useful to a new parent, was important to me. I have seen so many unpractical and unsustainable gifts given over the years and wanted to provide a practical and more environmentally mindful option.

The buyer has the option to have the gift set sent ready wrapped and packaged to them, or directly to the gift receiver. Which in these times makes gift giving even easier.”

With such a strong commitment to her craft and a passion for putting a smile on the face of each and every customer, be sure to place an order with Vanessa today, you might even wish to check out her Instagram page - MADeNess.au

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