Do you want to master the decor of the best room in your home? Perhaps implement Feng Shui in the room to suit the aesthetic you and your partner are yearning for? But how do you forge two ideas into one pleasing neutral tone that suits two different people? Through the art of master decorating. There is always one person in the relationship who hates shopping and the formation of one simple aesthetic. For this occasion pick the dominant person within this relationship who will have control over decorating the bedroom and let them be on their way. First things first, let’s decide on a colour palette.

Let's Get Colourful

Setting a tone for one’s master bedroom starts with a simple colour palette. Pick a colour that speaks to your taste. White’s and pastel colours are perfect for those seeking a sense of sophistication to be brought to their room. It is also great for first home buyers in their very first master bedroom. Deep reds, earthy tones and other fiery colours exude love and passion within the relationship. Yellows and apricot colours are perfect for a bright and happy ambience, setting the tone for a happy and positive couple. When deciding upon different shades of the same colour can be frustrating, but when you know you’ve got the right one, everything else will fit straight away with 0 hassle.


Now I’m not sure about you, but I don’t know a single person who is comfortable living in pure filth. With clothes, boxes and random knick knacks scattered everywhere, we need to declutter that mess. Minimise clutter in your master bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe with a designated side for each individual. This allows for each member to maintain individual ownership over their personalised items and to have space to neatly organise how they’d like their belongings kept. It both helps with the tone of the room and alleviates the amount of bickering among couples.

Feng Shui

The design and placement of one’s furniture speaks volumes about the aesthetic, tone and mannerisms of the couple. Choose the right bed to reflect your personal style. Being one of the focal points, you need to choose the right bed to light up the look of the bedroom. It is all about sizing the bed in comparison to the size of the room. It is always essential that the bed is the centre focus of the room and that is not too big, not overtly small, but just right for the size of the room, just like goldilocks. Through the incorporation of matching furniture with the aesthetic of the room coinciding with one another. A further handy Feng Shui tip is to ensure no furniture is directly in line with the door, so as not to have your back facing the door as well as the rest of your decor.

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