Last week The Blue Mountains Phoenix had the pleasure of introducing Misty Moon Yoga, an affordable and all-inclusive service for the entire Blue Mountains Community.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Owner Vanessa at length and she was so kind to answer all of our burning questions.

Can you please describe your background in the realms of yoga and what inspired you to create this business?

I came to yoga with the goal of improving my flexibility (when I first stepped onto a mat I couldn't touch my toes), but I kept coming back for the way it made me feel within and about myself. My teacher, Beck, mentored me and encouraged me to study and train to become a teacher and it's something I am so grateful for. Over the years I have been teaching and continuing my education with workshops and Teacher Trainings. I have been learning some of the many different ways that a dedicated yoga practice can support your physical and mental health, and help us to be connected within ourselves. I started my business so that I can continue to share this practice that I love and hopefully connect with more people in the Blue Mountains community that I've loved being a part of these last few years living here.

Would you say that covid has benefited your online revenue?

Covid was a big motivator in starting my business. I, like many people, was not able to work during lockdown, and all of that extra time at home gave me the opportunity to stop waiting for the 'right time' and just bite the bullet and go for it. I am very grateful for the support and encouragement I have received so far with my online classes, and very much look forward to being able to share yoga in person in the very near future.

How would a general class run and are there any different levels?

Currently my classes are delivered online via Zoom. All you need is a space with enough room to lay out a yoga mat and remove anything that might get in the way during the class. It's completely up to you whether you practice with your camera on or off, whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Although online classes are very different to those taught in person, there definitely are perks of practicing yoga from home. You can wear absolutely whatever you feel most comfortable in (even your pjs), traffic and parking aren't things you need to worry about, and there is no limit to the amount of props you can use to make yourself cosy and comfortable. Any socks, jumpers, blankets or cushions you have at home can make your class experience extra special.

All classes are open to all levels of experience, it more depends what kind of energy and type of movement you prefer. Yin is the most restful, with all poses either seated or lying down; Mellow is a slow, gentle reconnection to breath-led movement; while flow is a stronger, more dynamic class that invigorates the body.

Take a leap of faith and try something new today with Misty Moon Yoga. To book classes or even ask the lovely Vanessa some questions, simply email;

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