This two-week lockdown is the perfect chance to pamper ourselves. To take a much-needed time-out and to enjoy the finer intricacies life has to offer.

Seeing as though this lockdown occurred right on the mark of the term 2 school holiday break, it’s fair to assume that parents are going out of their minds with writing on the walls and screaming children.

Well, don’t we have the solution for you. After the kids go to bed, pour yourself a well-deserved mimosa and spend time with just your own company. Run yourself a bath filled with those bath bombs you could never bring yourself to open, play your favourite relaxing soundtrack or pop on your favourite Netflix show and enjoy 60 long uninterrupted minutes of peace and quiet.

Once it’s time to hope out, you might choose to pamper your partner with a foot massage, or a full body massage to close and relax with one another once more. Make time for each other by playing a board game, dancing to your favourite song, or even reminiscing on your past adventures. Let this weekend be about becoming one unit again. It’s so often that parents lose their identity when running around after their little angels. Why not spend some quality time together to remind yourself what made you fall in love way back when?

The best part about having your partner there with you is purely for companionship with your best friend. You might wish to sip on wine, mix cocktails or even try baking that cake you’re always trying to find time for. Why not read a book together, teach each other different skills and tricks, such as learning a new language and most of all, find joy, love and peace with one another? All these activities are amazing to do with your very best friend in the world, your partner.

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