Ancient Greece was not only the birthplace of democracy, and intellectual ideas but it is thought that the age-old practice of tutoring hailed from that era.

And if students flocked to the brilliant minds of Socrates and Aristotle in those days, one tutoring business on our very doorstep has also been doing their part for our education.

North West Tutoring is an in-home tutoring service for all ages that covers the Hills and Hawkesbury areas, and they also provide online help to the Penrith and Blue Mountains regions.

Jessica, who started up the business in May this year, said a lot of parents have told her that their children during Covid have hit a wall in their education.

“A lot of the kids have not progressed as much as they would have if they had that full year of school in the classroom,” she said. “Particularly more so with literacy, with the younger ones ... their home learning has struggled a bit.”

Jessica said that no doubt schoolteachers have done a great job with the kids during this challenging time – she’s a high school teacher herself – but doing that online has limited their output. Teachers have needed to make lessons shorter to hold young kids’ attention better and haven’t been readily available to work with them that little bit extra, which can make the difference in a child’s learning.

Mature age students are also putting their hand up for help with their university work, mainly with structuring their writing - so it’s been a busy time for this fledgling business.

And despite being a newbie on the scene, North West Tutoring has had some rave reviews and some rock-solid success stories.

“I had one where their son was getting a C or a B in his English studies, which was his worst subject, and now he is getting an overall A for his English,” she said. “He has just sat his HSC, so we are just waiting to see how he has gone with that.”

So, their clientele has been ‘snowballing’ in terms of numbers and since there have been so many enquiries, Jessica is on the lookout for new tutors.

“I try to get tutors who have had some life experience, who are teachers or retired teachers ... or have been teacher aides and working in the classroom with kids with some learning difficulties,” she said. “Now for the older kids, because they have changed the syllabus recently, I have a couple of tutors who have not long done their HSC, so they have experience with that new syllabus.”

And it’s also about building rapport and having a good connection between tutors and students too, which Jessica acknowledges as another driving decider to the types of tutors she handpicks.

So, if you or your kids for whatever reason need that academic lift, check out North West Tutoring:

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