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Award Winning: Now and Zen won awards for this picturesque garden in Leura

Wonder why there are so many weeds with high rise ambitions popping up everywhere? Shannon Decker from Now & Zen Landscapes in the Blue Mountains puts it simply. “It’s the rainfall and warmer weather.”

“Weeds are super prolific at the moment they are windborne, waterborne, and with all this rain, weed seeds are moving down the gutters, into our drains, across your neighbour’s driveway into your garden,” he said. “The wet weather and warm days support their germination and their growth, and continuously feeds them.”

“Any weed that you can’t pull out needs treatment because weeds have really aggressive root systems and they spread under the ground,” Shannon said. “And when you break them, it actually encourages them to grow stronger in many instances.”

Now & Zen is a multi-award-winning landscape construction company that cover the Blue Mountains and beyond, and they have a couple of different approaches to destroying those pesky weeds.

One of them is using saturated steam as opposed to the popular herbicide, glyphosate, which they prefer not to use on a big scale due to its effect on people’s health and soil health too. It involves using superheated saturated steam through a wand, which cooks and boils all the cells within the weed causing its demise.

But they’re not just out to destroy, they’re there to build up - and with an extensive range of projects across the mountain on show, they make and give breath to beautiful landscape projects, big and small – not only gardens but driveways, water features, gates, retaining walls, courtyards - you name it they do it.

“We do absolutely everything, outside of home, and in some instances inside the home, so it’s not just landscaping, we also fringe on building.” he said. “We can even change the aesthetics of the outside of a house – pull away old timber posts on a veranda and replace

them with recycled chunky timber posts.”

So, if you’re thinking of changing the outside area of your home or business, Shannon said it’s essential to think about the material selection.

“It’s important that you select a qualified, licenced tradesman, who produces quality – how long is that landscape going to last, it’s either going to be short-lived or last a couple of generations,” Shannon said. “We would like people to admire our landscapes in 80 years’ time and say that was built by Now & Zen.”

Shannon not only wants to leave a mark on the environment, but in people’s lives too, and works hard to impress and teach wisdom and knowledge to the workers and staff who come through his line of work – young and old.

“I just like sharing my knowledge with others, I like seeing young adolescent men and women grow and blossom into fine tradespeople,” he said. “It’s not only juniors, but it’s also mentoring our qualified staff and critiquing them – there’s never a dull moment.” So, whether it’s pulling out weeds, or working on a deluxe parabola arch for a client, he and the team are committed to excellent work sustainably and locally.

Give them a buzz on 0404 873 351 or contact them via their website and Facebook pages. They also have a bonsai nursery and showroom open Saturdays from 8-3pm located @ 351 Great Western Highway Bullaburra, so check it out.

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