A new generation of winners are up, as we see relative newcomers to Olympic Game glory snag the top prizes in their field.

Think about swimmers Ariarne Titmus and Emma McKeon who upset other contenders in the swimming finals last month. Ariarne won four medals, including two gold, in her first ever Olympics, and McKeon missiled down the lane for the top medal - just seven times - showing an epic breakthrough since her first Olympic stint in Rio, 2016.

Then there’s Matt Wearn who took gold in the sailing laser event in his debut performance, and Penrith’s own Jessica Fox, who took her first gold in a canoeing event, as part of her third Olympic run. Then there are the battlers like athletes Brandon Starc, and Peter Bol making inroads for the nation in the men’s high jump, and the men’s 800m final, respectively.

So does it inspire you to go for gold too?

It takes regular sacrifice to be an Olympian, namely, job insecurity, pressure, loneliness and constantly putting your body on the roulette wheel - that can all be significant hang-ups for Olympians. But what are the pros, besides developing some well-defined abs? Growing in your resilience, and enjoying the benefits of well-advised discipline are two others. And pushing your limits through training sessions has umpteen, self-development benefits for many of us, according to Business Insider Magazine. It expands the capabilities of the muscles and the heart, as well as making small changes to the brain’s scope.

So as we expect restrictions to ease this year, there are plenty of sports-ready clubs in the mountains available to take our training and fitness to another level, or to just have some good fun, for all ages.

Katoomba District Little Athletics will have their 2021-22 season registrations open by the end of the month, according to their Facebook Page. They expect to continue with their usual Zone and Regional Championships, and

then the progression to the LANSW State Track and Field Championships.

“The Board of Little Athletics NSW will keep a flexible approach in making any decisions regarding these events to allow the best possibility for these important championships to proceed,” they said via their Facebook page.

Brandon Starc came from Little Athletics in Parramatta, so who knows where your kid can go.

Football is also a hugely contested sport, springing up onto the Olympic Games agenda at the turn of the 20th century, with both the Olyroos and Matildas teams having a bash in Tokyo this year. The Matildas came out singing with a strong, history-making entrance into the women’s football semifinals - never has an Australian football team gone past the quarterfinals. Alas, their gold medal hopes were dashed, being pipped at the post by the Swedes, last Monday. Closer to home, the Springwood United Football Club will have to wait for their 2022 winter season to kick off with a bang.

Despite the doubts, these clubs will be definitely kicking off with gusto at the opportunity, once it arrives - so let’s get our kids and ourselves into it when we can.

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