This Katoomba cutie could possibly be the most adorable little ball of fluff there ever was. Those little brown eyes, and floppy eyes staring up at you will leave you in love with your heart completely melted in admiration.

Ruby is the love of her family’s life, the centre of their universe and the happiness they find each and every day. Hazel loves to swim in the pool, run in muddy puddles, especially after she’s had a bath and of course, be treated like the princess she is. Hazel is cute and doesn’t she know it? She knows she can get away with digging holes and chewing shoes simply with a blink of her beautiful little eyes.

Hazel has now had all of her puppy needles and can finally go for walks and big runs with other little puppies at local dog parks. Hazel is a fast little lady, already outrunning some of the bigger dogs when chasing a ball. Hazel loves raw chicken mince only when it is mashed in with her Blackhawk biscuits for big growing girls.

Keeping ruling the roost little miss Hazel.



Look at that gorgeous little sleepy face! Gus the house cat is the king of his home and he knows it!Lounging around and shedding his beautiful grey fur on every piece of furniture he pleases is his favourite pastime. Gus seems to be under the impression that he is in fact half human, only eating shredded chicken, any cheese he can get his paws on and sticking his head into absolutely any cup of drink laying around. He loves to be the centre of attention, draping himself over any appliances his family may happen to be using, including laptops, Ipads and even the communal television to ensure that he is always the centre of attention. Unlike most cats, Gus is extremely affectionate, loving tummy rubs and head scratches along with kisses from his favourite human ever, his mum. Keep being the king of your house Gus and continue to live your best life.

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