This gorgeous boy is Rocco. Rocco is a 3-year-old Leura local whoʼs pride and joy is his collection of Monster Inc chew toys. Rocco enjoys taking his family for runs whenever they intend on walking and of course, playing with his friends at the park.

Roccoʼs day consists of protecting his home from the inside from all kinds of ʻpredatorsʼ such as roaming street cats, delivery people and scary-looking birdies.

Rocco enjoys eating turkey and chicken necks for dinner and loves to polish it off with a big bowl of water and some liver treats for dessert. Itʼs safe to say that this beautiful big ball of fluff is one of a kind.



This week on the pet corner, we are doing a ʻsibling editionʼ, in doing so, we would love to introduce Roccoʼs sister Roxy. Roxy is a 2-year-old German Shepard, who unlike her big brother is cool, calm and collected. Roxy enjoys going for walks and swims, she loves to lay on her tummy and be pet, but most of all Roxy loves to be the baby of the family. Roxy is Roccoʼs pride and joy and the pair and best friends for life. Roxy adores her big brother and her ʻpaw-rentsʼ to the moon and back and will show that love and affection, all day, every day. She too loves to eat turkey and chicken necks, washed down with some fresh water and just like her brother enjoys a good old liver treat. Keep being the cutest fur sister Leura has ever seen, darling girl.

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