This great big ball of fluff with those beautiful brown eyes is Piper the Hazelbrook local. Piper is the only child of her two dual-income, millennial parents and therefore is absolutely spoiled rotten. Piper just celebrated her first birthday on the 30th of October and spent the day running around with her furry-friends at the park, topped off with some liver treats and doggy-cakes. Piper is a puppy who loves to play fetch and will chase any and every bird that she sees. She is the lovable bundle of joy that brings a smile to everyone's lips when meeting her. Piper is growing more and more each day, and yet somehow believes that she is still a tiny little puppy. This gets her into lots of trouble when she jumps and plays with little cavoodles and pugs. But seriously, how could you stay mad at that face? Piper is looking forward to eating copious amounts of chick and turkey this Christmas and can't wait to see all of the toys that Santa brings her.



Chesters is possibly the best dressed dog in all of the Blue Mountains. He enjoys walking... until he’s had enough that is. He loves being carried and shown off like the little king he is and is one of 4 dogs in his home. Chester is the youngest dog of the Oliver family in Lithgow and is large and in charge, eating all of his dinner and his siblings dinner as well. Chester loves to steal human food when nobody is watching and thus far has accomplished to bury a raw rump steak in the backyard without his humans or fur siblings noticing. Keep being your cheeky self mate.

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