This fine stallion is the posh side of the upper Blue Mountains, with a groomed maine and tail, pointed ears and a majestically broad back on top of shiny hoofs, he’s the most gorgeous horse in the whole paddock. He loves going for rides with his owner Sarah, jumping hurdles and being hand-fed huge carrot sticks that he can devour in one bite. Jeffrey of course loves to graze on his hay, but loves to live the high life as well, with hand-made mixtures in his trough and freshwater multiple times a day. Jeffrey is a gentle giant, he is absolutely fantastic with small children and gets along well with other animals, especially other beautiful ladies whom he has conceived quite a few foals with… what can we say? With a gorgeous face like that he’s bound to be a ladies man. Jeffrey has recently beaten his battle with eye cancer, and I think it’s safe to say that our entire community is right behind, proud as punch with his fight and bravery.



This sleeping beauty is Lilly the house dog. Lilly is the princess of her house and doesn’t she know it? Only sleeping indoors with her specially fuzzy blanket and toys is the least of her sassy little demands. Lilly likes to eat all meals with her human family on her own special doggy chair at the dinner table. Lilly’s favourite human is her dad, the man of the house who never wanted a dog in the first place but is now deeply in-love with this big ball of fluff and puppy dog eyes. Lilly's favourite food is her mum’s special spaghetti and meatballs with little chunks of carrot inside and her favourite pastime is running around at the dog park with her best-friend in the whole world; Scout. Keep ruling the roost at your house miss Lilly, we know you have your family wrapped around your paw.

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