This gloriously majestic bird is Nikki. Nikki is the 3-year-old multi-coloured angel who brings love, joy and a whole lot of noise to his home. Nikki lives in his cage with pride, but also loves to wander around the arm rests of the lounges in the front room of his home. His favourite snack is of course bird seed, but he also loves the munch on some juicy and crispy green apples when he has been particularly well behaved. His mum Debbie says that he is the light of their lives at home and brings the family an immense amount of joy and of course many laughs. Nikki loves bopping his head to the beat of “ Crazy Frog” and will o􀀁en dance with his human siblings as they light up the disco ball and dance around the living room. Nikki is the life of every party and we hope he continues to be for many years to come.



Lina is the most affectionate house cat there ever was. If there was ever a cat that thought they were a dog, itʼs Lina. Jumping, Meowing and protecting her family whenever the postman arrives are her absolutely favourite activities. She loves to sport her very fashionable bows, scarves and berets on a daily basis, but gets very annoyed by the sound of her bell on her collar. Her favourite food is boiled chicken that her dad makes for her morning and night accompanied by some delicious biscuits and a big bowl of water to wash it down. Lina is the centre of love and life in her family and reminds us all of what really matters, the love of our family. Keep being the lovely reminder beautiful girl.

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