This little posing fox is Roxy the Shiba Inu from Lithgow. Roxy is a princess, waited on hand and paw every single day, with her paw-rents worshipping the ground she trots on. Her chestnut fur and chocolate brown eyes with her pointy little ears are enough to melt the hearts of everyone little Roxy meets.

Roxy’s loves going for big walks but does not enjoy the fast-paced nature of waves crashing on the shore of the beach. Whilst Roxy loves to run along the warm and fluffy sand, she absolutely does not care for the salt water nipping at her paws, nor the feeling of wet sand in her fur, a true princess.

Roxy is still a puppy at only 2-years-old and loves being the baby of the family. She loves to eat human food when her big sister cheekily sneaks her pieces of steak under the dining room table whilst nobody is watching.

Keep being your cheeky, beautiful self Roxy, we are already so in awe of you.



This big loveable boy is called Butch. Unlike his masculine name, effervescing a strong male bravado, Butch is, like most big dogs, a massive softy. Butch loves any and every piece of food and is by no means fussy what-so-ever, eating chicken, Turkey, steak, kibble and of course his all-time favourite, a yummy cheeseburger with extra cheese. Butch protects his family with a ferocious bark at the gate, only to meet every house guest with a wag of his tail and a sheepish bow of his

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