This Lavish 5-year-old queen is Peaches the house cat from Katoomba. Peaches was originally born at a local Katoomba petrol station and was found as a little baby wandering around meowing, in desperate need for some tender loving care. Indeed, the love and affection she was searching for, found her when stopping for petrol in the early hours of the morning by local healthcare worker Rebecca Anderson. Rebecca scooped her up instantly and immediately took Peaches to her new home. Peaches now lives large in her family home, being doted on hand and paw on a daily basis. Peaches loves her whiskers, cat milk, tuna and her biscuits, as well as wrapping herself in warm linen and hiding from her human siblings for when they want to play rough. For this little soul, life is good at home with her loving family.



Leura-local Snoopy is the heart and soul of his family. Bringing love, joy and chewed up shoes to each and every day. Snoopy is only a baby himself, at 6-months-old he is the lovable pooch we can't get enough of. Snoopy loves to paddle in his at-home doggy pool and of course go on very big walks with his paw-rents. He loves to chase birds at the beach, but is terrified of pelicans and will run straight into the arms of his owners Brandon and Tyler. Snoopy loves to play at the dog park and even has a best friend named Lola that he loves to play with. Keep being your extravagant self little dude.

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