Tinkerbell the house cat is a flamboyant young princess who loves to rule the roost at her place. Tinkerbell loves to eat tuna and salmon; she loves to scratch every item of furniture in her home and leave a mess absolutely everywhere. Tinkerbell loves other animals and is very affectionate with her puppy brothers and sisters. Whilst she might be a bit of a terror to the household items and furniture, butter truly wouldnʼt melt in her mouth. She is the light of her family's life and at just 2-years-old she has everyone completely wrapped around her tiny paw.



Meet Buddy, the 5-year-old green parrot whose favourite saying is “hey baby” in a high-pitched voice. Buddy loves to eat green apples and have cage free time at his house with his family of four. Buddy is actually quite relaxed for a teeny tiny parrot. Even if a window is left open or the door swings wide open, Buddy will still remain perched where he is, completely unphased by the thought of flying away. Even though he is a bird he has his own little night light along with his little purple pillow that he will not allow anyone to touch or dare move. Despite his bossy and sassy demeanor he really is a sweetheart that loves his family and little pets on the head and back. Good on you Buddy.

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