duck It’s safe to say that a collective “Aww” entered the room when laying eyes on this little cutie. This Little brown eyed beauty is called Quackles. Usually considered a farm animal, Quackles is not the centre of his family's attention. The Oliver family, Blaxland have always loved animals, but now they have even welcomed a beautiful duckling to their family. Mr Benjamin Oliver was busy working on his car when he felt a little nibble on his ear and a great ball of fluff on his neck. Low and behold, it was Quackles who was brave enough to waddle under the car and get his attention. It’s safe to say he’s been the family’s brave little buddy ever since. Quackles loves his family and sleeps in a little pen in the family room accompanied by his brothers and sisters of the animal kingdom.



This gorgeous little pup is Enzo the Golden Retriever. As you can see by the picture, Enzo loves to be the cutest menace there ever was, chewing on sticks, chair legs and anything he can get his paws on is his absolutely favourite thing to do. Enzo along with the rest of the Lombardo family of Springwood loves to eat Spaghetti Bolognese every Tuesday night and of course loves to play soccer and puncture as many soccer balls as he can with his teeth. Enzo and the rest of his litter were supposed to be sold; however, the family and Enzo's mum Lola grew a particular attachment to the great big ball of fluff and have never looked back since. Keep being the best you, you can be a mate.

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