Are you looking for a cosy little cafe that you can sit in for hours and never get tired of? Are you searching for a place where you can sip on the most divine Aussie cuppas in a heartwarming and intimate location? Look no further than the Piccolo Deli Cafe located in the heart of Mount Victoria. Often considered to be the small cafe that is centred around the history and aesthetic of such a monumental town, is the perfect place to visit when driving further up the Blue Mountains to sunny and pristine Mount Victoria.

With an abundance of biodegradable products, house baked goods that will leave you swooning with their assortment of sweet and savoury goods, bread made fresh in an array of stylistic features such as bread loafs, rolls and hot buns straight out of the oven for customer delight. Located at 30 Station Street, Mount Victoria, this cafe has a reputation for being one of the most inviting and friendly venues in all of Mount Victoria, with Patrons stating: “We love their diversity, their inclusive nature and the way they make each and every customer feel welcome. My wife and I have been shopping and dining here for quite a while now and it’s our favourite place to be every Saturday morning.”

Did you know that not only do they have a wide variety of options for even the fussiest of eaters, but they are even covid safe, practicing social distancing, the implementation of sanitation and infection control, as well as making masks mandatory within their stores? In doing so, owner Sue has been the embodiment of poise and elegance during this pandemic and as such Piccolo Deli Cafe is flourishing.

With affordable pricing, friendly service, high quality dishes and even take-away service, Piccolo Deli Cafe is the place to be.

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