Say no to Domestic Violence

Say No to Domestic Violence

To feel safe and secure around loved ones is not a privilege, it is a human right. To walk on eggshells around someone afraid to set off what feels like an atomic bomb should never be present itself as your fault. To be manipulated and threatened into silence, to be around those who make you feel less than worthy and to be exposed to people who are severely narcissistic to the point that they make you second guess your own feelings and emotions by having theirs swallow you whole is the true embodiment of domestic violence. Domestic violence presents itself in many forms that does not always necessarily have to be physical nor within a romantic relationship. Domestic violence presents itself within forms of verbal and psychiatric abuse that will leave scars that linger long after the physical ones fade away. It is our great hope that this article helps the citizens of The Blue Mountains and individuals all over Australia recognise that there are countless elements that contribute to domestic violence and that there are services in place to protect and safeguard victims. Together we will end the treacherous terrain of DV and open our eyes to it’s elements to help others.

Dealing with a narcissist.

A Narcissist is someone who does not recognise the severity of their actions and are quite frankly the most infuriating people to deal with. They turn their actions into a result of something that you allegedly made them do and will place all the blame on you entirely.Narcissists do not see any fault within themselves and will not admit when they’re in the wrong. It is their belief that their actions will reap no consequences and that they are free from responsibility with no cause for repentance. A narcissistic person is smart and manipulative, they know what emotions to play on and exactly what they need to do to make you drop the subject or take blame. Often the water works are brought out and they feel as though they’ve again gotten away with their terrible actions scott free. Narcissistic people often require attention and the constant love, admiration or even fight with others to fuel their toxic energy. So what do we do instead? Cut them off. To truly conquer a narcissist, simply do not give them the time of day. Ignore their manipulations as hard as you possibly can and do not let them hold the power over you anymore.

Support systems

For those who have suffered through sexual assaults, psychological and traumatic abuse as well as physical violence, you are not alone. There are support groups all over the Blue Mountains to hear you, help you and heal you. White Ribbon Australia have experienced practitioners who specialise in rehabilitating victims into the world where there is colour and joy. Simply by calling 1800 737 732 you’re choosing to say “I’m done with this abuse”. You were given life so you can live it, take control again and find comfort in the hearts of others who are feeling the exact same way. For you are not alone and the voices of victims should no longer be silenced or stigmatized within our modern society.

A Woman who had suffered over a decade of domestic violence on all spectrums, spoke out to The Blue Mountains Phoenix on her journey back to a life she loves. She went on to state “I Suffered years of torture, from threats to manipulations, to sexual abuse and emotional regurgitations all from someone who claimed to love me. It wasn’t until one night in which I could have died and the lives of my beloved animals hung in the balance that I decided that enough was enough. After calling the police and pressing charges I called White Ribbon who has helped me find me again. Even today 5 years on, I still call and attend meetings to remind myself that I’m strong and I am better!” Such a testament to the strength we all possess inside of us that should always be our greatest gift.

Say no to domestic violence and choose to live the life you love.

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