When out in the community we decided to ask the locals why they believe sport is so very important, not only as extra curricular activities for their Children, but also as a part of Australian Culture. 

A couple spoke out about their love and passion for hockey and being a part of a team; “Sports, especially our sport requires discipline, focus and training, 3 principles that we now carry with us in this journey called life. Without my sport I wouldn’t have met my partner, nor my lifelong friends. Last year played havoc with my mental health, but it was because I missed out on work or had to stay inside, it’s because my passion was on hold, my training and my comradery, and that is something I’m really looking forward to getting back.”

A soccer coach from Blaxland speaks out about the importance of team sports: “Last year it was heartbreaking not being able to see the smiles, joy and mateship on the faces of not only my own children, but all the kids I coach and see every weekend at games. The parents were scrambling their brains trying to find loopholes for training and outdoor activities but alas it just didn’t work out. Already this year I’m seeing a huge improvement in training ethics and effort all around.”

We even asked a littler tacker how excited he is about returning to soccer; “I’m so excited, I can’t wait to see my friends and play soccer on the weekend and get my sausage sizzle.” 

Spectators are also very keen to see how the wide world of sports and entertainment will broadcast our favourite games this year. Particularly the NRL season. One woman spoke out stating: “If i don’t get to go and see the panthers play this year I’ll be so disappointed again. I reckon my boys will make it to the grand final this year and I’ll tell you mate, I’ll be one of the proudest supporters in the stands.”

One mum stated: "Not only can I not wait for the hustle and bustle of school, and training, I can’t wait to see my kids so happy again. Out and training with their friends, being active and not slumped on the lounge in front of technology is my ultimate girl. With my girls at dancing and netball and my boys at oztag, they’ll be exhausted and there will be no need for the ipads or phones to come out at all, bring on the sporting season, thank goodness you’re upon us again.”

School teachers have even stated: “It is so nice to see kids being kids again and having a childhood. Being able to participate in fun runs and competitive events both in and out of school is spectacular to see.”

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