It’s easy for all of us to feel lonely during this never-ending lockdown. Being stuck in one space feels like solitary confinement, for the majority of us we are at home with our families, our partners and our housemates, but for those who live alone, the feeling of a sea of darkness washing over them is all the more present. That’s why it’s important that we spread the love where we can to ensure that our loved ones know that they’re not alone and can always count on us throughout any struggle or hardship. At the end of the day it’s the little things that count. Read ahead to find some helpful tips on how to make someone's day.

Write a letter. There is nothing nicer than getting a lovely, long letter in the post. The kind jam-packed with news and chatter. You can go super-sophisticated and make your letter an art form, or you can just write three or four pages of wordy delight. Or just send a postcard even, if you are a bit pushed for time? Mail is nice.

Zoom Dinner and Drinks: Nothing is better than a meal shared with the ones we love most, why not get a group together and eat a meal over Zoom? Whilst it doesn’t quite live up to the dinner out at beautiful restaurants under fairy lights, it is a great alternative to eat, drink and chat from the comfort of your home. Plus you can wear whatever your heart desires… Why not an Oodie?

Food boxes filled with deliciously yummy treats are the way to anyone's heart. Why not send over a delicious grazing platter, fruit basket or a splash of chocolate and confectionary heaven in a box to truly show the ones closest to you how much you love and appreciate them, I can guarantee that it will make their day.

Let’s spread love, not germs this covid-19 lockdown and share your thoughts and wishes with each and every person you know and love.

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