Let’s face it, it's the absolute dream to work from home. Working in your Pj’s, independently and the best part, no travel. Start the day on your terms, not the traffic. Working from home for both employees and employers alike. When done right, remote work allows employees and companies to focus on what really matters,performance. The early mornings before work can be spent working out, enjoying a well deserved breakfast or even a cheeky sleep in. Since travel is reduced, those who work from home, have more time with their families at the end of the day by the simple close of the laptop, what could honestly be better? However, the boundaries between home and work life can blur, impacting significantly on your performance ability. Why not spruce up your home office to get the stereotypical office feel whilst adding some of your edge? Here are some tips and tricks to create a more comfortable space that encourages productivity, focus and your creative juices to flow!

Own your aesthetic

The great thing about a home office is that it’s a workspace that enhances your creativity and brings peace and serenity to the working day. The reason we are always so comfortable in our bedrooms is because it’s a space that is ours and that speaks volumes about the person we are. A home office should efferves the professional working boss individual you are. Design from an array of colour palettes, furniture options and your favourite decorative elements, including photos, flowers and even your favourite coffee cup.

When designing the workspace, opt for colours that compliment each other rather than busy patterns that are distracting. Cool colour schemes are ideal for creating a calm and cohesive environment, such as blue and green shades, which can be associated with performance enhancing properties​. ​Does the place scream you yet? Good you’ve accomplished your stylistic features and aesthetic, but what is next?

The key is to be organised

Nobody likes a messy workspace, A good workspace is a cleaned and organised workspace. Just because you’re at home doesn’t give you the right to be messy. Labelling, filing, creating functional storage and using the right home office equipment will all translate to an efficient space that meets all of your needs. To sort out the dreaded paperwork, magazine holders, filing cabinets or small trays can keep your work area neat and add a pop of colour too. When every element of your work is separated into labelled and organised sections, you have accomplished a marshalled workspace.

Let the light in

Nothing screams “Lack of productivity” like a dark room. The great thing about working from home is not needing to sit under an awful fluorescent light. Let the natural light in by opening the window and letting the air flow through with positive energy and release any negative toxins. Studies have indicated that a well-lit workspace can impact creativity and learning, so capitalise on the benefits of natural light in your home office.

Make your home office as exciting as the job you love this year!

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