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Andrew Everingham, a social worker turned Psychosexual therapist is breaking the taboo around sexual health and the stigma surrounding sexually transmitted infections. Acknowledging the parameters of the public system in silencing the importance of sexual health, Andrew of Staghorn Sexology focusses on the following: exploring the biological, psychological, social and sexual roots of your problem, working with you and your health care team to meet your needs and above all, providing non-judgmental care.

The Blue Mountains Phoenix spoke candidly with Andrew who provides helpful insight to his ethos, background and passion for his respective field.

“I started off as a social worker but noticed a huge gap in access to care around sexual health, dysfunction and relationships. I completed a Masters in Psychosexual Therapy to upskill myself in this area as I’m really passionate about providing a truly holistic approach to mental health care – which includes supporting people with their sexual and relationship issues. I think the area of sex therapy particularly is still so niche because sex, generally, is such a taboo topic still – even more so when you start to talk about sexual dysfunction and sexually transmitted infections.”

To break the constraints that connect and entangle us in a society of judgement is exactly what Andrew aims to do, furthermore stating: “The main message I’d want to convey is that as a society we need to break the silence, shame and stigma that surrounds sex. Sex, intimacy and relationships are such an intrinsic part of our lived experience and no one should feel ashamed for loving who they love or having a desire for seeking pleasure.” We couldn't agree more!

Andrew openly addresses the stigma surrounding sexual dysfunction, reminding the community that it can affect absolutely anybody and is nothing to be ashamed of by stating: “One of the biggest oversights or misconceptions I come across is around sexual dysfunction being viewed as something that only affects older people. I see a lot of younger people who have struggled with sexual dysfunction for years because they have been too embarrassed to seek help and support. The psychological impact of sexual dysfunction and sexually transmitted infections can sometimes be more problematic than the conditions themselves – seeking care early can stave off a lot of suffering. Sex therapists provide non-judgemental care – trust me, I’ve heard it all before! There’s no problem or concern too embarrassing to talk about and sometimes reassurance, psychoeducation and normalising is all a client needs.”

It is vital to remind the Blue Mountains community that sexual health is something that should not only be cared for in a holistic and careful manner, but also something to be celebrated and acknowledged in society.

Readers can reach Andrew by phone on (02) 4758 7945, by email, through the website at or via Instagram DM @staghornsexology.

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