This week The Blue Mountains Phoenix focussed on raising awareness for various issues across Australia such as; Breast Cancer, Mental Health, Vitiligo, domestic violence and the dangers of plastic on our earth. In doing so we worked with organisation representatives to learn the day to day activities for providing support and a friendly face to those who need it. We had the privilege of interviewing survivors and hearing their stories, and now it is time to bring awareness to the Blue Mountains community in terms of the support we sometimes desperately need. Being aware not only helps us overcome negative patterns of thinking and behaviour, it allows us to lead a life of choice. As our awareness increases, our ability to make a choice and the process of decision-making power increases. Make good decisions, and choose to be happy with the knowledge that someone always has your back. This article will introduce in depth the organisations that help victims and survivors see the light at the end of the tunnel and explore their journey from small agencies to large not for profit, high recognised organisations.

Robyn Yates Cancer Wellness centre

2020 saw the Robyn Yates cancer wellness and support centre celebrate 15 years of providing affordable subside therapies to people living with cancer. The name “Robyn Yates wellness centre is proudly named after the founder herself Robyn Yates who expanded the organisation. The centre provided 4900 therapies last year alone and has provided in excess of 50,000 subsidised treatments to clients since opening its doors in 2005. Not only does the centre provide support but it also holds fundraising events throughout the year to support those living with cancer and those we have lost, a truly remarkable centre for those fighting the brave fight.


The “R U OK?” foundation is a not for profit organisation for suicide prevention. Galvanized and spearheaded by founder Gavin Larkin in 2009, the organisation revolves around the question “Are you okay”, which furthermore starts a chain of conversation and de-stigmatizes the free and open expression of one's emotions and encourages us as a society to share how we feel free of judgement. There is a day nationally recognised as the “R U OK” day that encourages the good citizens of Australia to speak up and ask for help, for a late night phone call is far better than a funeral.

White Ribbon

The White ribbon association began as a political movement to bring awareness to domestic violence. The organisation travels to schools and workplaces to raise awareness as to how to recognise and stop abuse, especially within the home. It is their vision that one day everyone will be free of domestic violence and individuals will feel supported enough to be safeguarded by an organisation that will not stand for physical and/or emotional abuse.

Plastic Free Sea

Plastic Free Sea is an organisation that aims to keep the detriments of plastic away from our marine wildlife and away from clogging up and polluting our ocean. The Organisation is a South Pacific professional service to help you or your business reduce plastic and become more eco conscious. They teach companies, large scale businesses how to remain environmentally friendly by reducing the use of plastic and arranging for healthier and environmentally safe alternatives such as vegan and organic glass packaging. It is their collective vision to see a brighter and happier world.

Show your support for these organisations today and stand up for what is right.

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