With scorching summer days to look forward to, why not add a splash of colour to your yard? Nobody wants to see a sea of brown lawns this summer, let's make a splash of colour the new brown with a stunning array of blooming flowers. But what flowers are strong enough to brave the Australian summer sun rays? Immerse yourself in a world of colour and family friendly fun as you plant your summer flowers ready to blossom for the best summer yet. Australian native flora is the safest and absolute best option for your garden this sizzling summer season. With a spectacular array of flowers to choose from, your only issue will be taking some options out of your trolley and back onto the shelves. But what flowers would grow at a faster pace and bloom beautifully? Let’s find out.


The stunning Frangipani tree is a crowd favourite for the aussie summer garden. White infused with pink and yellow pastel colours makes a dreary garden move to a spectacular floral display. The Frangipani trees bloom from December to April and flourish in plenty of sunlight, well-drained soil and frost-free conditions. The perfect plant for a scorching summer day. Thriving in sunlight, the frangipani takes up the least amount of maintenance as it possesses the uncanny ability to easily shrug off drought during the summer as well as being able to adapt to different soil types, particularly sandy soil. As such explains why they’re commonly found by the beach.


Well known for their vibrant colours and compelling aroma’s, the gardenia flower is a Christmas favourite with a scent that can permeate through an entire room. As an indoor and outdoor flower, the gardenia flourishes best when consistently fertilised and watered as they are very heavy feeders. There are too many different types of gardenia flowers to choose from, but an undeniable crowd favourite is Gardenia Florida, thanks to its fragrant blooms and bright green foliage. Wow your guests this Christmas with a gorgeous display of fragrant gardenia floral arrangements.


Bring that beautiful ray of sunshine back to your garden this season with a stunning marigold floral display. A flower with no fuss, and zero hassle. Marigold germinate quite quickly compared with other flowers and as such are a fantastic first time gardening project that the entire family can be a part of.Not to mention, marigolds are a great companion in your vegetable garden and can help protect your veggies those creepy little critters that cause havoc.

Make your garden shine bright this summer with floral arrangements set to stun and cause envy in the hearts of your neighbours.

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