The best learn to swim schools in the Blue Mountains


We reached out to our local community and asked them for their recommendations for the best learn to swim schools in The Upper and Lower Blue Mountains. 

One Mum stated: “Glenbrook Swim centre has friendly and knowledgeable instructors who are not only trained professionals but competitive swimmers themselves. My little one was petrified of the water but now I have to hold her back when we walk in each week.”

A previous student of Springwood aquatic centre reached out to state: “I still remember being a little tacker and relying on my floaties everytime I even looked at water and now I’m a rep swimmer at school thanks to the foundation and training I got from the Springwood Aquatic Centre.”

One young lady said: “I still swim at Katoomba Aquatic centre and I absolutely love it. I’ve been here since I was 2 and learning to swim with mum and now I’ve started to help teach the mums and bubs classes, which is very exciting. I can’t imagine ever swimming or teaching anywhere else.” 

We had yet another parent advocate for ‘Glenbrook pools’ “The resources, pools and facilities are incomparable. The kids make lifelong friends and learn the essentials about treading water, being stuck in an aquatic emergency and being able to hold their own no matter the conditions.”

We also asked parents what they want their children to learn in these classes. One parent stated; “I want the kids not to be afraid of the water and actually have the ability to jump in safely and have a go. Knowing how to swim in a country surrounded by water and filled with beaches is as essential as driving a car.” 

Another parent stated: “I just want them to be able to tread water and know the tools in place in case of an emergency. I want them to know to stay calm, cool and collected when in the water and respect the changing conditions.”

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